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Reviewed By Chris Fischer for Readers’ Favorite:

Author G.A. Minton's Trisomy XXI is a book with an exciting and unique premise that will keep readers turning the pages from the very beginning all the way through to the very end. Follow the story of sixteen-year-old Joshua Allen, a young man born with an extra chromosome causing Trisomy XXI, also known as Down Syndrome, as he goes through some incredibly remarkable changes. Joshua suffers a terrible accident and, while he is comatose in the hospital, receives an experimental injection that gives him amazing superpowers. But when a rash of horrible murders occurs in Joshua's small town, what first seemed like a miracle for Joshua might end up turning into more of a curse. And when an alien monster shows up, intent on finding and destroying him, things go from bad to worse. I definitely enjoyed Trisomy XXI. Author G.A. Minton has made a bold choice in choosing a young man with Down Syndrome as the protagonist of this book, and has done a great job at making him so much more than just a stereotype of someone with a disability. This read had action almost from the very beginning and will definitely be able to keep readers on the edge of their seats, even gasping with surprise at times. Any reader who enjoys a great work of horror should definitely grab Trisomy XXI. I am pleased to recommend this book, and will look for more from author G.A. Minton in the very near future!

Reviewed by Ayesha Plunkett (Film/Television Producer/ Scriptwriter/ Owner of Over the Rainbow Productions).

This book has a brilliant story so entertaining it is hard to put down. I engaged with this horrific tale from start to finish. I am delighted to recommend this book to every intelligent reader of science fiction, mystery and gore.

Reviewed By Gracie Bradford for Readers’ Favorite:

Trisomy XXI by GA Minton has 266 pages of adventure with twists and turns the reader would not expect. The story begins with an old drunk named Henry, who encounters an unidentified object in the woods. When he tells his story, no one believes him - given his drunken state most of the time. Henry lives in a small town called Tranquil, located in Arizona. The city itself is charming, and its environment and surroundings reflect the meaning of the town's name. The next character is more interesting than the old drunk. He is a 16-year-old boy with Down’s Syndrome, who has an overzealous religious father who believes he is God’s messenger. The story of the boy’s transformation and ordeals in life takes the reader to another dimension throughout the rest of the story. Trisomy XXI by GA Minton is a story of religion and great encounters unlike many in other books. The chapters are well developed and flow well. The writer tells his story, adding excitement and anticipation from chapter to chapter. The books are suitable for an adult audience. Unless one is aware of the meaning of the word “Trisomy”, they would not know that the book is about a boy with Down’s Syndrome. The struggles of this 16-year-old boy are sometimes frightening; sometimes unbelievable, and sometimes very emotional. The story starts with the old man named Henry and ends with the impact of Henry’s sighting in the forest that no one believed. A long read, but well worth finishing the book.

Krystina Kellingley, publisher of Axis Mundi, Cosmic Egg, Lodestone and Dodona, and Our Street; editor of Writer’s Wheel Magazine; and author of “Mistflower – The Loneliest Mouse in the World,” reviewed TRISOMY XXI: “This is a really good read, a powerful story that got my interest immediately and kept it throughout. The characters are three-dimensional, the pacing is good, and the dialogue flows well.”

Maria Moloney, author of “The Changeling Quest: Children of the Fae,” wrote, “This is my type of sci-fi book. I couldn’t put it down. It’s very well plotted, has interesting, well-rounded characters, and plenty of tension and excitement. It all keeps the reader hooked.”

 Reviewed by Chris Kyle (age 16) for Reader Views:

“Trisomy XXI” by G.A. Minton is about aliens that play a bizarre and utterly playful part in this book about a boy named Joshua who has Down syndrome or Trisomy XXI and is changed by an injection whilst in the hospital. A string of bizarre, unexplained deaths in the town that may have been caused by Joshua’s inner mind, and the arrival of aliens in the town made for a whirlwind ride full of fun and adventurous parts that helped the inner story. The author’s writing is intriguing and a great asset, as he used powerful words and his writing style to get his points across somewhat smoothly. I felt like there were little parts or bumps where the storyline went off track, but the author just went with the flow. The book is generally for people interested in mystery, science fiction, and horror, primarily young adults, and for ages 15 and up. My personal experience related to the topic is that I have a cousin with Down syndrome. He doesn’t suffer with it but folds it into his life, as it is a way of living. He never lets it get him down in life, no matter what he is going through, like bullying, hurt, etc. Joshua went through tons of struggles and I see my cousin go through them as well. But just like Joshua, he lives through them. My personal favorite part is that Joshua not only deals with what he’s going through but also is still a good role model, even after his change from the injection. Joshua was a great character that I could relate to as a family member. I enjoyed “Trisomy XXI” by G.A. Minton and I hope to read more of his novels in the future as they portray a great writing style!

Dolly’s five-star review on Goodreads:

I absolutely loved this book and everything about it! G.A. Minton created a well-rounded small town full of the usual characters one would find in any small town USA. Little do they realize they are soon to be at ground zero for a series of bizarre events. The characters are believable and comfortable. The events are mind bending but flow logically through each twist and turn. I never saw what was coming next but enjoyed the ride. With the title of “Trisomy XXI” you might be afraid of medical or technical terms. Don’t be. Everything you need is explained gently so you don’t need to Google things. So, forgive my weakness as a reviewer and join Joshua Allen as he goes from sweet teenager with Down Syndrome and an IQ of 70, to Joshua Allen genius with supernatural powers outwitting a bad alien bent on destruction. Thank you for letting me read this.

Sue's five-star review on Goodreads:

A personal science fiction story on the human side; A potential epic tale for the aliens. Trisomy XXI is a well written, human story; I recommend it to all readers of science fiction. 

JBRONDERBOOKREVIEWS: Over all this is a great story and one that I recommend for anyone that likes young adult science fiction stories. This is one you will want to check out!

Recognized as a Silver Honoree Award Winner by the Independent Book Publishers Association: “A very creative story. . .interesting use of the human genetic syndrome. Seemingly, a way to help all Trisomy XXI humans.” 

TRISOMY XXI received an average Amazon rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars (53 book reviews)!




“The writing style is intelligent and full of details, enticing readers to use all of their senses as Minton takes them on a trip reminiscent of horror masters such as Stephen King and Christopher Golden.” - HORRORNEWS.NET

“ANTITHEUS by G.A. Minton is part horror, part supernatural thriller–a gripping story that will leave the reader with shivers. The drama is intense, the characters believable and rock-solid, and the entire piece is mind-blowing. ANTITHEUS is written to read like an irresistible spell for fans of thrillers and realistic tales of horror!” –  Readers’ Favorite 5-STAR Review from Romuald Dzemo.

“To say this is simply one of those good vs. evil battles would really not do this tale justice; it’s too well-written. The author has made sure that every character has that touch of evil. Minton has made sure no stone was left unturned.” – Amber Lignor from Feathered Quill Book Reviews. Quill says: If you want that great horror story that’s intelligent and frightens you to death, this is the book for you!

“Minton is very good at what he does, so make sure to lock the doors before you start reading!” – Horror Palace Book Review by Damnetha Jules.

“ANTITHEUS by G.A. Minton is a blend of horror and fantasy, a story that brilliantly handles the all-time conflict between good and evil. ANTITHEUS is a masterfully executed story that will entertain fans of horror and stay with them for a long time. Couldn’t put down!” – Christian Sia’s 5-STAR Review from Readers’ Favorite.

“Minton is very good at what he does, so make sure to lock the doors before you start reading!” – Horror Palace Book Review by Damnetha Jules.

“G.A. Minton is a fantastic writer. A short, yet deliciously terrifying read can be found between the covers of Antitheus. A secluded inn, a group of religious leaders on a retreat and a well-timed blizzard set the stage for this thrilling horror story.” – Literary Titan Book Review.

“The descriptive prose really shined in the murder scenes which were a delightfully gruesome feast of blood and gore, something I personally loved. I could see, hear, smell, feel every spine-tingling moment.” – Horripilations Book Review

A persistent killer demon and a batch of victims with a small chance of escaping make this a worthwhile horror novel!” - Benjamin Ookami’s 4-STAR Review from Readers’ Favorite.